Ward Lebanese and Oriental menu is comprehensive and up to all tastes. It starts with soups, such as lentil and vegetables to mushroom cream and seafood soup. Then comes the various and mouthwatering salads, such as Fatoosh and Tabbooleh from the Lebanese cuisine and Tahini Salad and Mountain Salad from the Oriental cuisine. Famous international and western salads are also on the menu, including the Armenian Eggplant Salad, the Turkish Salad and the Seafood Salad.

Savour the delicious cold appetizers such as Hommus in all kinds, Muttabal, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Muhammarah, Nekha'at and Lesanat among many more delightful starters or indulge your senses with our special hot appetizers, such as meat or cheese pastries, Galayat with tomato and mushroom, sausage and hotdog, Musaka'a, chicken balls and Nekha'at and our seafood appetizers, featuring all kinds of fresh fish and shrimps. Hot starters also boast tasty Fattat and oven-cooked casseroles.

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